Dafabet how to download and install dafabet app and apk for Android

How to download the Dafabet App for Android

✅ You don’t have the Dafabet app yet? We explain how to download the Dafabet app for FREE. Available as Android (Apk), iOS (app store).

Dafabet raiting app

Steps to play in the mobile version of Dafabet

Despite its long history of operating in the UK online entertainment market for real money, it should be made clear in advance that Dafabet does not have an app for mobile devices. But don’t be discouraged! If you want to play from your smartphone or tablet, you can do so thanks to its excellent responsive web platform. It is very easy and anyone can do it, we explain you how!

Furthermore, when participating from Dafabet’s responsive website, it is not necessary to download any application or .apk file. You just have to enter their platform through your browser and that’s it!

Dafabet does not have an app for mobile devices. But don't be discouraged! If you want to play from your smartphone or tablet, you can do so thanks to its excellent responsive web platform


How to play in the mobile version of Dafabet

The sports betting and casino games site, Dafabet, is probably familiar to you. That’s because, among other things, it has been offering its services to UK users for over a decade. But also, and above all, because it sponsors big teams in different top European leagues. Playing with them is therefore a great way to be close to the continent’s top teams to get the most out of international sport.

In addition, as explained above, to play from your personal device you will only have to enter its responsive website from your browser header, in the box below we explain how to do it! On the other hand, if you want to know other recommended apps to play from your mobile, we suggest you visit our website, don’t miss it!

  • Step 1: The process is very simple. First, go to dafabet.com from your smartphone or tablet. It doesn’t matter what your operating system is, as it’s a website you can enter from any of them without any inconvenience. 
  • Step 2: You will then need to log in with your personal account by entering your username and password. If you are not registered, you can subscribe by filling in your personal details in the registration form. It is free and you only need to be 18 years old or older to do so.
  • Step 3: Finally, you just have to start having fun. Which is the option that you like best? Casino or sports betting? Choose your favourite market on the platform and discover thousands of weekly high-level events and all kinds of games. Don’t wait any longer! 

5 reasons why it is worth playing from the mobile version of Dafabet

Are you ready to play? Then, you should know the reasons that make Dafabet mobile version one of the most interesting options to carry out your gambling entertainment activity. Below, you will find some of the highlights that make this site a real opportunity for UK users to join the community!

Play online without downloads or updates

As we told you before, to play in Dafabet from your mobile device, it is not necessary to download any app or .apk file as in other cases. In the same way, you won't have to make any updates or anything like that. Just log in to their responsive website and enjoy your favourite activities, quickly and easily!

One of the most popular sites in the UK

With a track record of more than a decade in the country, Dafabet has established itself as one of the most popular online gaming providers in the UK. Do you want to join the community? Enter your personal details on the site and create your account, registration is free! Remember, to join the site and participate you must be over 18 years old and reside in the UK.

Sports betting and casino games

In Dafabet there is a place for everyone! Choose from thousands of weekly sporting events or incredible gambling modalities - your preferences rule! With such a large number of users in your community, you can be sure that you are participating in a site that covers all entertainment options and alternatives.

Official sponsor of great teams

Dafabet supports some of the UK's and Europe's top sports teams. Do you know them? On the football side, he accompanies Celtic F.C, Cadiz C.F, Norwich City F.C and Burnley F.C. On the cricket side, he accompanies Sussex C.C.C, and Durham Cricket. Take advantage of the exclusive benefits of joining their fans, below we will tell you what they are!

Request unique promotions in the market

In search of subtantial advantages? Then you can't miss out on the unique benefits that Dafabet offers its users. From welcome offers to bonus your initial balance, to improved odds on football, horse racing and the events of your sponsoring teams.

Special features of the Dafabet app for sports betting

Play with the Dafabet team!

As we anticipated above, betting on Dafabet's sponsoring teams brings its advantages. In this sense, the site has a very special promotion with which you can get a freebet of 5 GBP/EUR if you guess the result of the matches in which they will participate. It is never too late to find a new love!

Get better odds for horse racing

In Dafabet, horse racing is one of the house's specialities. The most important events of the circuit are available on the platform and with the best odds! Discover one of the best odds offers improved on the site n°1 of the international turf.

Be a part of the sports world

What is your favourite discipline? Find it in Dafabet! Immerse yourself in the international sporting world thanks to the variety of markets available on the site: football, horses, boxing, rugby, MMA, basketball, cricket, tennis, baseball, hockey and much more!

Special features of the Dafabet Casino app

Slots and jackpots of all kinds

Attention! If you have fun with slots, you must try the fun of the hundreds of options available in Dafabet. The alternatives are many, from last generation video-slots with graphics that seem to be taken from a video game; to immortal classics of the history of the casino digitized to revive the adrenaline of yesteryear.

Table games - cards, roulettes and dice!

Of course, you will also find some of the best gaming tables on the platform: various types of European and American roulettes; a variety of blackjack and baccarat modalities; dice and other games. All this and much more is waiting for you to experience the excitement that only this kind of challenge can arouse in the hearts of the winners.

Rooms with live dealers!

Live rooms are already one of the consolation trends in the online gaming market. In Dafabet they couldn't miss it! Play with professional live dealers to your favorite games and revive the casino days.

Special features of the Dafabet app

Bet on the sponsors!

Again! We want to put special emphasis on the opportunity to win a freebet of 5 GBP/EUR by guessing the result of the matches in which the teams sponsored by Dafabet participate. Without a doubt, one of the most interesting promotions nowadays, guess the score and take the money!

Take advantage of horse racing

If you want to try your luck and knowledge in horse racing, use the mobile version of Dafabet to do so. If the SP (Starting Price) is higher, you get paid with the higher odd! Take advantage of the rest and take advantage of every last detail to become the winner of the race.

Set up your notifications of interest

With the option of configurable notifications and alerts, the mobile version of Dafabet allows you to arrange the calendar so that you receive a reminder when one of the selected events is about to begin - don't miss a thing!

Special bonus from Dafabet for the App

Important: when playing on a site it is key to look at the full range of promotions available in your portfolio of benefits. In this way, you will anticipate the different advantages you can count on when subscribing.

In this sense, we must clarify that Dafabet does NOT have a special promotion or bonus for playing from the mobile version. Anyway, both the offers mentioned in this article, and those you will find in the web portal, can be requested from your personal device without any inconvenience. The main advantage, therefore, is to be able to request them at any time and be the first in line to receive them. Claim all offers at any time and no matter where you are.

On the other hand, do not forget that the site is exclusive for users of legal age and residing in the United Kingdom. That said, if you meet these requirements, you can participate in any of the offers and promotions mentioned.

Frequently Asked Questions about the Dafabet Betting App

Yes! There is no cost to play from the mobile version of Dafabet. Just enter their official website from your personal device and start participating in all their markets.

Dafabet does not have a native app. That is, when you play from your personal device you will be playing on their responsive website. Therefore, there is no need for updates or anything else. If there are changes or modifications, they will be made automatically by the house.

No, there is no Dafabet app in Play Store. As we told you, to play from your mobile phone you simply have to enter their website from your mobile. Therefore, there is no need to download or install any kind of application. If you wish, on the other hand, you can generate a direct access to the page to have on the home screen of your mobile.

No, it is not necessary. To play in Dafabet from your mobile phone, you just have to enter its official page from your smartphone or tablet. Enter the web address in your browser and click on the site. That’s all, no downloads of any kind are required.

There may be several answers. Most often, your internet connection is either non-existent or unstable. On the other hand, the official page may be having updates or some inconvenience with the server. Also, it usually happens when users try to log in from countries where the site is not available. In any case, within the first options mentioned, it will be enough to wait a few minutes and try again.

Yes, it is possible. In fact, both are identical except for the layout which will be adapted to the screen of the various devices. In any case, it is not advisable because it can cause problems in updating data between one and the other.

Absolutely. The site is regulated and permitted in the UK.


No. You only need to enter the official website to play. What can happen is that you have to re-enter your username and password so that they remain in the default settings.

No. It is strictly forbidden to have more than one account per user whatever the device you are participating in.