Netbet how to download and install netbet app and apk for Android

How to download the Netbet app for Android

Don’t have the Netbet app yet? We explain you how to download the Netbet app for FREE. Available in Android (Apk), iOS (app store).

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Steps to download the Netbet App for Android (APK)

Downloading the Netbet app is very easy and will allow you to enjoy all its game options. That is why, in this article, we tell you the steps to follow to have the application on your personal device. Please note that you will have to make a number of changes to your mobile phone’s configuration as the app is not available in the Play Store. However, you can have it on your smartphone or tablet if you install the .apk file.

Best of all, you can enjoy all the Netbet features on your personal device from the app. So you can have fun whenever and however you want instantly.

Please note that you will have to make a number of changes to your mobile phone's configuration as the app is not available in the Play Store. However, you can have it on your smartphone or tablet if you install the .apk file.

How to download the .apk file from the Netbet app for Android devices

As we were saying, downloading the application is not complex. However, as Play Store does not allow real money game apps, you will need to follow the instructions below to allow your personal device to accept apps from unknown sources. This is simply because Android, by default, blocks applications external to its official shop. The Netbet application, in this sense, is legal and secure as it is provided by the official site. Also, if you wish, you can check other articles where we tell you similar processes to download the best apps on the market. 

  • Step 1: To start, go to the official Netbet website. You can do this from your browser, or by clicking on the following link which will redirect you directly and save you a few minutes: download the .apk file.
  • Step 2: Underneath everything, more precisely in the footer, you will find a link to the title: Netbet App. Click on it to go to the section where the .apk file is located.
  • Step 3: Once you find the button that allows you to start downloading the .apk installer file, you will have to make a series of configurations on your mobile as we have been telling you. To do this, follow the steps below, go to Settings > Security > Unknown sources > allow. Once you have done this, you can start the download.
  • Step 4: We will then have to wait for the download to finish and then select the file to start the installation. This process is done in the same way as with any other app.
  • Step 5: Once the installation is complete, if you wish, you can restore the default settings of your device without any limitations. From this moment on, you are ready to start having fun and using the different advantages of the Netbet app.

5 reasons why it's worth installing the Netbet app for Android

Do you know why it’s worth playing from the Netbet app? Here are the main benefits of the app that is sweeping the market and has become the most used by users in the UK. Discover the advantages of using the app that allows you to place live bets and increase your chances of winning.

Play in the moment!

Thanks to the Netbet app we can play whenever we want instantly. It will no longer be necessary to wait in front of our computer to place our bets and have fun in our favourite games. Simply take your mobile phone out of your pocket and participate no matter where you are, making the most of every opportunity!

Play in all markets

Discover the best markets in the Netbet app, all included! Be part of the best sport events in the world, as well as the most complete gaming rooms of today, the decision is yours!

The best odds, the best events

Find the most competitive shares of the international sports market on the Netbet app. In addition, you can access special events with exclusive boosters and extra earnings to take your participation to the next level. Choose your favourite market and place bets that will bring you unparalleled earnings - the choice is yours!

The best online casino

As we were saying, Netbet has one of the most complete rooms in the network. With hundreds of different games and modes, enjoy a wide range of gambling entertainment options: slots, electronic tables and live rooms, all in one place!

Deposit and withdraw on the spot

If you run out of credit, you no longer need to go to an ATM or wait to connect from your computer. Take out your mobile phone and top up your account to be able to continue participating in the events of the moment. In addition, if you win, you can make withdrawals to have the money available on the spot.

Special features of the Netbet app for sports betting

Access unique statistics

Not sure who to bet on? Don't worry! The exclusive statistics available in the Netbet app will allow you to find out the details that make the difference when it comes to choosing one of the available options. Check the statistics to make the best decision possible.

SnapBet: bet on the next few seconds!

Do you think there will be a goal in the next few seconds? Snapbet, allows you to bet from your mobile phone that one of the teams will score in the next 30 seconds, 1, 5 or 10 minutes. Keep your eye on the game and follow your instinct to hit the big jackpot.

First Mobile Bet: 10 EUR Freebet!

The benefit that makes the difference - a one-of-a-kind offer! Place your forecast from the Netbet app and receive 10 EUR FREE to use for the best sporting events. You can't miss it, create your account, download the app, place your bets and receive free credit to make new predictions.

Special features of the Netbet Casino App

Great game catalogue

Thousands of games available on your mobile! If this is not enough to convince you to use the app, there is nothing that can. There is a wide variety of options to enjoy without even leaving your chair or even being away from home!

Double your money: 200 EUR Free!

Are you ready to start? Then get double your first deposit! Get this unique benefit that multiplies your first top-up with 100% extra so you can enjoy all the games on the site to the fullest - only new customers!

Exclusive Poker Section

Poker fan? You've come to the right place! Netbet app has one of the best rooms with tables of all kinds: have a quick game, have fun with friends, practice with fictional money or test your skills in tournaments that deliver thousands in prizes.

Special features of the Netbet App

Blog: tips for players

It is never too late to become a professional. Find the best tutorials developed by expert players to learn the best game strategies. Receive specific advice for each market and optimise your participation by learning how to assess the risks and benefits of each decision.

Exclusive promotions and benefits

We have already told you, but we will continue to do so! Register now to access the hundreds of benefits available in Netbet app. Whether you are interested in casino or sports betting, there are more than enough reasons to join the community right now.

Notifications according to your interests

Do you have a short memory? Are you too busy to remember the sports calendar? Netbet keeps you in the game! Receive notices of your favourite competitions so you don't miss a single match. Plus, you'll get notifications of unique offers and promotions..

Special Netbet bonuses for the App

Unlike many other sites, Netbet does have an exclusive promotion to be ordered from the mobile. For this reason, below we will tell you what it is and why it is worth applying for it now.

Are you ready to play? Connect from the Netbet app, choose any sport event with a fee of 1.60 or more and place a minimum bet of 10 EUR, get 10 EUR extra immediately! Take advantage of this benefit within 24 hours to test your luck and significantly increase your winnings. But not only that, this is one of the many offers available on Netbet. In the same way, you will be able to request those available on their web platform from your personal device. 

On the other hand, one of the very interesting functionalities is the one corresponding to SnapBet, what does it consist of? When you play from the Netbet app, you can bet that one of the teams will score in the next 30 seconds, 1, 5 or 10 minutes.

Netbet Betting App Frequently Asked Questions

Yes! of course. You do not need to make any kind of subscription in the Netbet app to be able to download it or be registered. You only need to download it following the steps indicated in our post to be able to have it on your personal device. Then, once you are registered, if you want to bet, you will have to deposit real money in your personal account.

Sadly, no. The gambling apps are not allowed in the official Android shop. For this reason, if you want to download one of these, you will have to do so using the .apk file as explained in our article. The mass is legal, safe and authorized by the same platforms so that their users can play.

You will find the .apk file (installer) on the official Netbet web platform. More precisely, in the footer you can see an option with the title: Netbet App. By clicking there, you will be redirected to the section where you can download the .apk.

Of course! The .apk is available on the official Netbet website. It is therefore authorised and approved by the site so that users can enjoy it on their personal Android devices.

As mentioned above, Android does not allow, by default, the installation of applications that do not come from Play Store. However, this option can be manually configured to allow the installation of applications such as Netbet. All you have to do is follow the steps indicated in our article.

No, unfortunately. This is because having installed it outside Play Store, the updates are not automatically tracked. Therefore, in case of important updates, you will be notified and, in that case, you will have to download and install the app again.

Absolutely! Netbet is a UK permitted site and therefore your app as well. In this sense, it works in the same way as the web version.


Yes, for the same reasons mentioned above, if you change your personal device, you will need to download the app to your new smartphone or tablet.

No. It is strictly forbidden to register more than one account per user on Netbet. In fact, this is a requirement that is maintained in all betting and casino apps. Therefore, you must use the same account in the app and in the mobile version.