PokerStars App: How to download PokerStars Mobile App for Android

How to download PokerStars App .apk file for Android

✅ You still don’t have the PokerStars App? We explain how to download the PokerStars App for FREE. Available in Android (APK), iOS (App Store).

PokerStars App evaluation

Steps to download the PokerStars App for Android (APK)

Ok, we know that PokerStars is the best online poker giant and possibly one of the most representative sites when it comes to variety and security. Site been chosen of many professionals and amateurs poker players. We are talking about a platform that is only possible to play from the PokerStars App. Are available for the desktop and mobile versions, for Android and iOS and also Poker, Casino and Sports Betting app options.

At PokerStars you will find an incredible variety of tables to play, payment methods and a customer support services that will solve your concerns. The security of the site, as we know, is a very important factor. If your plan is to start playing, PokerStars is one of the most reliable and complete platform to enjoy your adventure with the famous card game.

In the case of Android, it is possible to download the app from the same website, or simply from the Play Store with the following name: PokerStars Poker.

When you enter in PokerStars website you will quickly notice that it is a very easy to understand. You can take a look at all the available events, tournaments and promotions, and also easily se the link to download the software.

How to download the PokerStars App for desktop and mobile

Although we have several options of apps to download, the method is similar in all cases. In addition, the desktop version software is available for Windows, Mac and iOS platforms. The most interesting of all the things is that the PokerStars apps (Poker, Casino and Sports Betting), are available on the Play Store. This is not very common since Google does not allow online gambling apps in the Google Play Store. Now, we will share 5 simple steps explaining how to download and install the app, easily and for FREE.

  • Step 1: In any case, the first thing we have to do is enter the PokerStars website and click on “Download PokerStars”, the url where we can find the applications is For each app, you have to enter the section, for example, PokerStars Casino App at Casino lobby and PokerStars Sports App at Sports lobby.
  • Step 2: If we want to download the version for mobile devices, suppose the version for Android, when entering the main page and clicking on “Download PokerStars” we will need to register first. In other case, choose download from Play Store.
  • Step 3: Before downloading the Android version, you have to check that the smartphone or tablet settings are correct. Verify at the security settings of your device allow the installation of applications, if it does not recognize that it is from the Google Play Store. It’s very easy, check in Settings > Security > Unknown sources.
  • Step 4: From the moment we managed to download the file, we go to the directory where it has been downloaded the .apk file (maybe at ‘downloads’ folder). Click on the .apk file, normally it will have the name PokerStarsInstall.apk, and go on.
  • Step 5: In the case of downloading from the PokerStars website or from the Play Store, in order to activate the poker gaming platform we will need to register our user. Once your user account is registered, enjoy the game.

Some reasons why it's worth installing the PokerStars App

Beyond the fact that there is no web version of the PokerStars game and it is only possible to play by installing the app, the characteristics of each case are variable. Many online poker players prefer to download the full version of the software to play on a notebook or desktop computer, but many prefer the action of poker on their smartphones or tablets.

Play anywhere and anytime

You already know that you can download the software from PokerStars and on various platforms. This will allow you to access advantages and options such as playing wherever you are. You will only need an internet connection and enjoy playing anywhere.

Faster access and payments

You can manage your account at PokerStars and the bankroll wherever you want by making real money deposits from the PokerStars app. With the application you will have functions such as 'quick seat' or 'play now' to access tables immediately.

Live poker events

Another function is the acess to PokerStars TV enabled from the mobile app. With it you will be aware of all the news from the world of Poker, tournaments and live events, all of this completely free of charge.

PokerStars Clock

As an addition we can also mention the PokerStars Clock App function to manage your poker tournaments, private games, etc. You can customize your games exactly how you want, add and edit the number of players, select a game and structure from the PokerStars rosters, customizing blinds, duration, payouts and much more.

Beat the Clock

Beat the Clock tournaments end after few minutes and no matter what happens, if you still have coins left, you can win a cash prize. The amount of the prize will allways be directly proportional to the number of coins you have after the end of the game. Each time you fold, you instantly be moved to a new table and with new players and new cards.

Special features of the PokerStars Poker App

Cash games, Multi-table and Sit & Go tournments

PokerStars is the ideal place for the online poker lover. Variety of tables and versions of poker, thousands of exclusive tournaments and events, live broadcasts and a community of professionals and amateurs who represent the best of the house.

Software extremely customizable

With the new table customizations, you can resize any table window (or tile it) in any way you want. In addition, different table themes to change the graphic display, theme, colors, the visual environment in general.

Play for free

It's really amazing to discover the PokerStars world. You can also play at the free poker tables! Play poker can be difficult if you have never played before, and PokerStars offers a free playing option. Before making a deposit, start by selecting fictional money to play for free at the desktop or mobile device version.

Special features of the PokerStars Casino App

+600 Slots games

Although you won't find absolutely all the slots in the PokerStars Casino app, the vast majority of them are available. In addition, we will be able to play new slots added regularly and other exclusive PokerStars slots that you will not find elsewhere.

Roulettes, Blackjack, Live Casino

Several Roulette tables and some classic versions such as European, American and Double Ball, available in single and multiplayer mode. Also some Blackjack, Baccarat and Sic Bo tables. The table games offer is quite complete as it allows you to test the different modalities of each game.

Casino Races

We can play Casino Races with the PokerStars Casino app. They are additional gaming opportunities to win prizes and are free to participate. Get in-app notifications to know when the next race starts on selected slots to accumulate points and be at the top of the Casino Race leaderboard to win prizes.

VIP program

Stars Rewards is the VIP program of PokerStars Casino. We will add points as we bet with real money to complete the progress of accessing each level. Exchange Stars points at the rewards store to get game benefits.

Special features of the PokerStars Sports App

Best odds and sports challenge

They offer in some sports improved and exclusive odds, normally for the important events. And there is included participate in the Pokerstars Sports challenges, where everyone can win a lot of money with challenges available on the page and get many prizes.

Bonuses and promotions

What we suppose you will like the most are the sports betting offers and promotions. From Day Freebet promotions and multiples free multiples bets, as well as bonuses with your winning multiples bets.

Smart notifications and fast layout

Something unremarkable is the simple design and ease of use of the PokerStars Sports Betting App. A version ease of navigation through the different sections, very intuitive and comfortable, since you can see all the bets and notifications of the matches and sporting events.

Stars Rewards

Earn Stars points and exchange them for bigger winnings on your winning bets with Stars Rewards. It is part of the Vip Program that is also included Casino and Poker in the Rewards Store.

Special advantages of download PokerStars apps

In addition to a website developed to be compatible with mobile devices, PokerStars offers the differentiated apps with a simple and similar to the website format. In the PokerStars Sports app we can filter the sports in alphabetical order or by sports disciplines, in addition to live betting and the Cash Out function.

Continuing with the sports app, it is possible to see the scores and results and live statistics, as well as the same promotions as through the desktop version and other exclusive for mobile devices. With PokerStars Casino App you will enjoy playing a wide and varied selection of slots, also roulette, blackjack and at Live Casino tables and interact with croupiers and other players. The apps are completely free and available for Android and iOS devices.

So, download them from Google Play Store if your mobile device is an Android device, or from App Store if you have an iPad or iPhone. You’ll also find instructions on how to download them at the official PokerStars website itself. And I need to tell you that their online software is one of the safest on the market and they offer customer support 24 hours a day, seven days a week. A secure experience with PokerStars apps that include the ability to make fast deposits and withdrawals.

FAQs about PokerStars apps

Of course. You do not need to pay anything to download the PokerStars apps on your mobile device and install them. Of course, if you want to win money you must deposit money to your PokerStars account to be able to bet seriously. Although, for example, the PokerStars App of poker allows you to play for free with the ‘fictional money’ mode.

Versions may be updated from time to time. But don’t worry, that happens when PokerStars develops changes or additions to its service.

The app that is for smartphones and tablets is only for mobile devices. But the desktop version of PokerStars is available for download, because you can only play at the poker tables and tournaments from the desktop app, not from the website.

With PokerStars for poker, the desktop version is certainly recommended as it has a better view of the game and a variety of tables and poker versions available. When we think in PokerStars Casino and PokerStars Sports, it all depends on your comfort and interest and where you are. If you are at home, there is nothing better than the desktop version.

You may need to update your application version, or perhaps check the compatibility of your device’s updates with the PokerStars app. It may happen that the PokerStars server is very busy and active and it may be running slow, although this rarely happens. For any inconvenience, always reboot your smartphone or tablet and in that case, if it persists, contact customer service.

You can actually do this, but for security reasons PokerStars may block your login. It is always best to use PokerStars services from a single location or option.

It will always depend on what place or country you’re betting from. Playing and betting at PokerStars in the USA is legal, but if you’re in another region of the world, if it’s not legal, it can cause legal problems.

As most of us know, if it is Android we will have to manually download the version again and manage the installation personally. In the case of iOS, that is not necessary since it is in our Apple profile.

You can’t. Your account at PokerStars is unique and is called User’s Stars Account, and it will provide access to all gaming sites. But don’t forget that your gaming account for Poker, Casino or Sports Betting are different for each area.