Marathonbet App: How to download Marathonbet Mobile App for Android

How to download Marathonbet App .apk file for Android

✅ You still don’t have the Marathonbet App? We explain how to download the Marathonbet App for FREE. Available in Android (APK), iOS (App Store).

Marathonbet App evaluation

Steps to download the Marathonbet App for Android (APK)

The first thing we must tell you is that the Marathonbet App is very reliable and safe. On the other hand, the whole site adapts very well to all mobile devices with its layout web responsive.

Marathonbet or Mbet, is a large bookmaker that has been operating since 1997. The most advanced players were eagerly awaiting their arrival, aware of their good odds. And the truth is that it did not disappoint. Its website is very simple and intuitive. It is very easy to find the event you want to bet. By the way, in addition to enjoying the excitement of sports betting, you can also try your luck at their online casino with the Marathonbet App Casino.

All those players who come to this bookmaker receive a welcome bonus. A great way to start your betting journey after downloading the Marathonbet app.

How to download the .apk file of Marathonbet App for Android devices

The biggest problem we have as Android users is that the Marathonbet apps are not in the Google Play Store. For that reason, we have no choice but to download the .apk files directly from the website. And to avoid problems or confusion, we leave you with 5 simple steps to download the app and install it easily and for free.

  • Step 1: The first thing we must to do is access to Marathonbet website and go to the Apps url where the different apps are located, would be in Once there, we choose which version with a click on the logo of the system that we want to download, for example, MBet sports betting or MBet casino.
  • Step 2: In this case, we click on the Android logo and the .apk file starts downloading to our smartphone or tablet almost immediately.
  • Step 3: Always check the settings on your Android device before you start installing the app. We refer to verify if the device allows the installation of apps that are not available in Google Play Store. It’s very easy to check and in any case, change, always from Settings > Security > Unknown sources.
  • Step 4: From there we go to the folder where the .apk file was downloaded, this is almost always the download folder. Then we simply click on the .apk file, which is probably named marathonbet.apk, or as the example of casino mbetcasino.apk
  • Step 5: Wait a few moments until the .apk file is installed and once it is finished, click on the new icon and that’s it. We manage to download and install the Marathonbet app on our Android device.

Some reasons why it's worth installing the Marathonbet App for Android

There is no doubt that you will understand the advantage of downloading the app on your smartphone, for example. Whether it be the sports app or the casino app, depending on your interest and taste, bet anywhere and anywhere and also with some advantages of the apps.

Faster access than directly from the web

Being a multifunctional app, it provides faster and instant access to easily place your bets. The "Quick bet" option allows faster to find sports, events and markets, in real time. In the casino version we can select add our best slots to favourites.

Play anywhere at any time

The Marathonbet App allows you to enjoy the experience of playing and betting from anywhere and at any time. Something that makes it even more attractive, updating the data more faster and saving time, and this makes your experience more fun and comfortable.

Most popular markets

A current feature of Top Five Popular Markets, which will allows you to view the five most popular betting options. Plus other features like highlights and events of the day. A section that directly highlights the most popular current and future sports betting markets.

All the sports, deposits and withdrawals

The MBet App shows all the sports that are happening at the moment and the next matches and everything about sports, always with an easy direct access to your betting slip. And if you need to add funds to your account, you can do it safely and reliably, as well as fast.

All the sports markets

It is an app that has been developed with a simple but effective design, to offer you what you want as quickly as possible. All the sports markets are available same way as Marathonbet website. Also, in the menu there is a Marathonbet Casino link to ride you to the mobile casino app if you want to play slots or any other card game and such else.

Special features of the Marathonbet Sports App

Best odds for the best events

Marathonbet is based on providing profit to users. They have a very good reputation in the sports betting industry because they offer one of the bests markets leading odds and for minimizing margins on your bets.

Mas de 10.000 eventos retransmitidos a través de la app.

Thanks to the simplicity of the design, the App loads fast and it is very easy to find the sporta by A to Z. Which means that you can have your bets in a super fast time and never lose what you want to bet in the live markets.

Cash Out

You have the option of Cash Out at Marathonbet. However, this option is not available in all sports markets and in all kinf of bets. But you can rest easy because you can withdraw your money whenever you want in your bets in order to guarantee the profits or avoid losing even more money.

Statistics and smart notifications

Although Marathonbet does not offer live streaming yet, it gives you all the information we all need to place a live bet, every updated statistics and odds. This feature is available at most events and the visuals are great.

Special features of the Marathonbet Casino App

Best and new slots

As you can imagine, the slots section is wide and with the variety you are looking for. You can find video slots, classics, thematic varieties and suppliers and also with progressive jackpot. Along with the variety comes quality of the slots with high return to player.

Add to favourites

This, although it may not seem important, is quite useful. It is very good to add your slots to your favorites section to be able to access your favorite games much faster.

Live Roulette, Blackjack, Baccarat, Poker...

You can enjoy playing table live games online at Marathonbet Casino App. You will find a wide variety of options for different popular games such as Roulette, Blackjack, Baccarat, Poker and Game Shows.

Promotions and free spins

It is very nice to receive regular notifications about special promotions, free spins and cashback to take advantage of them at the exact moment.

Another special features of Marathonbet

Live Games

A fun section with live exotic games. We can enjoy betting on card games and also with Lotto-style balls, in addition to doing it from our smartphone or tablet also from the app.

Virtual Sports and e-Sports

We can enjoy quick bets on many virtual sports events with random results that happen daily and each one lasts a few minutes. Within e-Sports we will find many events of the classics CS:GO, Dota 2, League of Legends and more.

Constructor and Toto

Two excellent variants dedicated to soccer and other sports betting. From getting a prize or even receiving the accumulated Jackpot, to selecting football and tennis bets from the main leagues and tournaments with special odds.

Casino games in demo mode

Yes, and this is wonderful. You can play many casino games, for example, most of the slots, in demo mode. You can practice and know each game before playing for money.

Special advantages and Bonuses

It may come as a big surprise to bonus hunters, that there is a welcome bonus for sports betting but not for Marathonbet casino. You will find several advantages of betting with Marathonbet and its app.

With all its functionalities, the app improves the experience of your bets via mobile or desktop. The “Quick bet” function will allow you to bet easily, without wasting time and in just two clicks. Its a clean site and clear app design that makes it easier than ever to navigate it, find your favorite matches, teams, players, games and place your bets. The app is fast, reliable and safe,  with a big variety of games and bets.

You will have access in the app to the same huge selection of sports, competitions and markets that you have in the desktop version. In fact, you can bet on sports that you will not find in other houses, such as chess or martial arts. Choose from a large number of live bets with live odds that are constantly updated and, as you know, they are Marathobet’s strong suit. If the pre-match odds are pretty good, imagine the live odds. And with an easy access to all sports and the latest results, everyone will be able to consult statistics, results and everything that is happening in the matches.

FAQs about Marathonbet App

Is the Marathonbet App for free?

Yes, you can download any of the versions, sports or casino, completely for free. Obviously, to bet and win you will have to play with money.

Is the Marathonbet App updateable?

Software versions are updated from time to time. In the case of the Android app, you will always need to download the app from the Marathonbet website. Instead, the iOS version will be found in the App Store.

The app can be used on the computer?

No. Each version of the Marathonbet App has been developed exclusively for mobile devices, that is, for smartphones and tablets.

Which is better, mobile version or desktop version?

Actually there is no better one version than the other, it all depends on your comfort. Marathonbet apps are the website adapted to the device, so the app is faster and you can also play from anywhere and at any time away from home.

Why Marathonbet App doesn't work for me?

Sometimes it can happen that there is a lot of user traffic and the server is slow. But it may also happen that you need to update the software version or turn your mobile device off and on again. If the problem persists, you can contact customer service or if you cannot solve the problem, you may have to bet and play from the website.

Can we login in the desktop version and in the app at the same time?

Yes, you can, although Marathonbet does not recommend it. For connection security reasons, your login may be canceled because you are in both areas at the same time.

Betting with Marathonbet App is legal?

It all depends on the country in which you are playing or connected. In many countries, online gambling is prohibited, so it does not depend on where you were born but from where in the world you bet.

If we change devices, we will need to download the app again?

It will always depend on the model of your mobile device:
– For Android you will always need to download the application from the Marathonbet website and install the software again.
– If it is iOS, we know that when you change the device model, the entire profile is downloaded online.

Can I register different accounts at different Apps?

No. Regardless of whether you download the Marathonbet Sports app or the Marathonbet Casino app or both, it is always only one account per player. Also, it is only one account per person, you cannot have more than one registered and active account.