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Best Betting Apps
Find the best apps to bet on all sports. Place your predictions on the most important sporting events in the world.
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Best Casino Apps
Download the best apps to play online casino games. Have fun with all the games: slots, blackjack, roulette and more.
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Live Streaming Apps
Experience all the games as if you were in the stands with live streaming apps.
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Best betting apps
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Best casino apps
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Live Streaming Apps
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In you can find all the betting and casino apps to have fun from your mobile. Download the app you like the most and play from your personal device.

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Play where and how you want!

All gambling and casino apps

Take the opportunity to download and install the app of your favorite bookmaker and take your bets wherever you go. The latest apps on the market will allow you to have fun anytime, anywhere.

Whether you’re looking for an app to bet on your dream team live; or you’re into online casino gaming, you’re sure to find the perfect app here! Bet, play and take your entertainment to the next level.

The best sports betting apps

Sports betting is becoming more popular every day and millions of fans choose it as a way to enjoy sports even more. So how about now you can also bet from the stands? Or even do it at the bar with your friends?

No matter where you are! With the different apps available on the market, the possibilities are endless. In addition, they come with unique live betting features, real-time statistics and many other advantages, we invite you to discover them!

The best online casino apps

The online casinos offer you hundreds of modalities and thousands of different games to have fun. Slots, roulette, blackjack, poker and baccarat are just some of the alternatives. This is nothing new, the truly incredible thing is to be able to play all these games from your cell phone.

Download the app of your favorite casino and have fun with the games you like the most, all the modes are included! In fact, you can even play in the live rooms with real dealers, what are you waiting for, the fun starts today!

How to download a gambling and casino app?

Downloading a gambling or casino app is very simple. In fact, all you have to do is download the app according to the operating system of your device. In fact, there are many bookmakers and casinos that allow you to play directly from their responsive websites.

Then, for those that do have an app, you will notice that there are a couple of differences between the download for Android and iOS. The former being a bit more complex due to the company’s own issues.

Gambling and casino apps for Android devices

To download a gambling or casino app on Android devices you must follow a series of steps. In this sense, you will not be able to download it directly from the Play Store since the official Android store does not allow gambling applications for real money.

However, downloading them manually on your device is completely legal, safe and allowed both by Android and by the bookmakers. However, you must follow a series of steps:

Download the .apk file

As it is not possible to download and install a betting app directly from the Play Store you will have to do the process manually. Therefore, the first step is to enter the official website of the bookmaker and download the .apk file to install the app. This is nothing more than an executable to install the program on your mobile.

Allows apps of unknown origin

Next, when installing an app that is not in the Play Store, you will have to configure your mobile. This is because the Android operating system recognizes all apps outside the official store and blocks their installation unless you authorize them. Therefore, you will have to go to Settings > Security > Applications of unknown origin > Allow.

Install the .apk file

Finally, you must install the application on your mobile. Then, once you have configured your device and downloaded the .apk file, in the download section, select it and proceed with the installation.

Gambling and casino apps for iOS devices

In the case of iOS the steps are much simpler. This is because this operating system does allow betting apps in the App Store, its official store. Consequently, the only thing you have to do is to enter there, search for the betting house or casino app and install it as if it were a conventional app, and that’s it!

Frequently asked questions about sports betting and casino apps?

Can I bet from my mobile device?

Yes, it is possible to bet from your cell phone both from a betting app and from responsive websites.

Can I play casino games from my cell phone?

Of course, many online casinos allow you to play from mobile thanks to their apps or responsive pages.

How do I install a gambling app on Android?

You will have to allow applications of unknown origin, then download the .apk file of the corresponding app and install it on your mobile.

How do I install a casino app on Android?

You will have to allow applications of unknown origin, then download the .apk file of the corresponding app and install it on your mobile.

Which apps allow live betting?

All bookmaker apps will allow you to bet live.