Unibet app: How to download the Unibet app with its .apk for Android

How to download the Unibet application with its .apk for Android

✅Don’t have the Unibet app yet? Find out how to download the FREE Unibet app here. Available on Android (Apk), iOS (App Store).

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How to download the Unibet Android App (APK)

In the case of Unibet, there is not just one app to download, but up to 4 different apps to download. That is, we do not have all the apps united, but we have different apps depending on what we are going to play, the apps that Unibet has would be sports, casino, poker and lottery (the last one is a newly released one and is not available in all markets).

In addition to these 4 apps, Unibet offers a range of additional apps for information, statistics, sports information etc. Be very careful as you might download the wrong app.

Remember, it is very important that you think about which app or apps are worth downloading, because you may come across apps that are worthless and can waste valuable time...

Despite the inconvenience of having 4 different apps to download the process is the same when downloading the different APPS, the biggest problem we Android users have is that Unibet apps are not in the Google Play Store so we have no choice but to download the .apk file directly, to avoid problems we will show you 5 simple steps to download and install the app easily and of course for FREE.

  • Step 1: The first thing you need to do is go to unibet.com, the url where you can find the different apps is in https://www.unibet.com/apps sometimes it’s not that easy to find, once on that website click on the type of app you want to download, for example we can download the casino app.
  • Step 2: From that page we click on the Android logo, the .apk file will start downloading to our mobile almost immediately.
  • Step 3: Before you give to install, you should check if the settings on the Android are correct, in particular we should check if our device allows the installation of apps from other sources than the Google Playstore. It is very easy to change this, go to Settings>Security>Unknown sources.
  • Step 4: Go to the folder where we downloaded the .apk file, usually this is in the downloads folder, and click on the .apk file, usually a file with the name unibet.apk, or like our example with casino unibetcasino.apk
  • Step 5: We wait a while for the apk file to install and once it’s done we click on the new icon and that’s it. We have managed to register the Unibet app on our Android device….

5 reasons why the Unibet Android app is worth installing.

Each of the Unibet apps has a lot of extras that make it worth installing on your Android device, some are unique to the app, others are available to all users in mobile or desktop versions.

Faster betting than directly on the web.

Thanks to the Unibet app, we can bet faster, or even download the games to play in the various Slots games, for example, the app has already downloaded a number of games and so we avoid wasting time on downloads.

Increased comfort

We take our mobile everywhere we go, not always the computer ..... And it often happens that we forget our password, or we see a betting opportunity so good that we get nervous when trying to access Unibet, by having the app installed it is much easier to access unibet and we save a series of steps.

Multilingual platform

All Unibet apps allow us to change the default language although the translations are really good, sometimes it's worth seeing it in another language, changing the app to all the languages Unibet offers is extremely easy.

Thanks to the Unibet sports app, we can watch live matches.

One of the features we love most about the Unibet app is the ability to watch matches in real time and in streaming directly from the app, ahhh and I haven't said it yet these matches are always FREE.

Special features of the Unibet sports betting app.

Improved chances for the best events.

The Unibet sports betting app guarantees that the odds are at least as good as on the web version, and also according to what some users say, the update is faster on the app version so you can get better odds.

Clever reporting system.

Perhaps the most interesting thing about the Unibet sports betting app is that thanks to the app, we will be able to receive smart notifications about relevant matches that interest us. If you ever forget to place a sports bet, thanks to Unibet's smart notifications system, you won't miss a single big match again.

Speciale kenmerken van de Unibet Casino app.

+950 machine slots

All the slots Unibet has on the web are in the casino app, the slots are one of the big pluses Unibet offers, as a downside I would say the search engine is not too good and often we get lost in the amount of slots we have to choose from.

Ownership and exclusive slots.

One of the things I would like to emphasise about Unibet is that it is a company that not only distributes slots but is also a manufacturer, thanks to this we find that Unibet in its app (as it couldn't be otherwise) prefers its own slots.

Available online versions of Roulette, Blackjack

We couldn't help but have "live" versions of many roulette, blackjack, baccarat, etc...

Special features of the Unibet Poker app.

A multitude of games, cash games, Sit & Go, and multi-table tournaments.

The amount of variants and games we can play is very good, I would point out the theme of tournaments which is really what gives the girl in this type of Poker apps.

Identity change and avatar adjustment

Thanks to the Unibet poker app, we can change our identity up to 3 times a day, (you'll see it's very easy to make the changes), choose our avatar from over 100 models,

Assignments and direct promotions

One of the most interesting things about the Unibet Poker app is that they send us a series of special promotions for using their .apk, these promotions are often awarded for doing a specific mission, beating specific players, etc... The truth is that it's pretty good.

Unibet special bonuses for APPs

Unibet has many promotions and bonuses. To help us choose, they have a special promotions section where we can quickly see which promotions are the most interesting at any given time.

The promotions vary from country to country, so it is often difficult to tell you which promotion you can enjoy, so I would recommend you to go directly to the Unibet website to get the promotions, one of the things that several users have told us is that they have sometimes seen special promotions from one day to the next, or even promotions and bonus codes that last only a few hours.

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Is the Unibet application free?

There is no charge for downloading and installing the Unibet app. It is a tool that the bank makes available to us, and we do not even have to pay to open an account.
However, the bets you place on it, as well as the casino games, do entail certain costs. But if you are a bit lucky, you might get paid.

Can the Unibet app be upgraded?

The Unibet app is updated every few months. However, it is updated less regularly for Android because, as mentioned, it cannot be downloaded from Google Play, which means updates have to be done manually (i.e. it will be the user who will have to manage them). And one important thing is that there is usually a lot of compatibility between versions, so you won’t have any problems using the old .apk. 

Can the application be used on the computer?

No, because it is designed only for use on mobile phones. Moreover, if you try to download it from your computer, you will not succeed.